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The needs of the local community are always at the centre of what Meet Kate Foundation does. This vision spearheaded the establishment of the Meet Kate Daycare Center. When the children's home was first opened, we received an overwhelming number of applications for childcare. After some research, we found out that a lot of parents only required daycare and that a lot of them were able and willing to make a small contribution.

During the daytime, several rooms at the Meet Kate Children's Home were unused because our children went to school. This led us to increase the target group of our projects and the Daycare Center became Meet Kate’s second educational project. The Daycare Center prepares children between the ages of 1 and 5 in a playful manner for primary school. Classes are divided into four age groups: crèche (1-2 years), nursery (3-4 years), kindergarten 1 (4 years) and kindergarten 2 (5 years). We allow plenty of time to play, nap and eat the delicious meals our cooks provide.

There are currently 65 children who come to the Daycare Center daily. 80% of the parents pay school fees and 20% receives a scholarship. These 20% are those whose parents cannot afford the daily contribution of 42 pence. Instead of taking these children into our home, we provide daycare, a basic education, good nutrition and health insurance. This means that parents are still ultimately responsible for their children during the evenings and weekends and the essential bond between a parent and their child remains strong. This is how we believe it should be. The money from paying students go partly to the Children's Home, which leaves us needing less donations from The Netherlands to cover our operating costs. In this way, our mission of self-reliance is integrated into our educational projects.

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